DubHacks 2020


Create alongside the brightest students in the world as you put your pen to paper and bring your technological imaginations to life. Your next big thing starts at the largest 24-hour hackathon hosted in the Pacific Northwest - this year, experience a whole new DubHacks from anywhere you call home.

Oct 17-18, 2020

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Canvas Track

Now that many forms of entertainment have become harder to experience in person, these crafts have taken on new importance in the age of COVID-19. As our technology becomes exponentially more advanced, the possibilities of bringing creative outlets to the masses are limitless.

Topics to consider: Streaming Platforms, Entertainment, E-Commerce, Art, Gaming, Concerts, Photography

Questions to consider:

  • Do virtual platforms deliver unique entertainment experiences in a meaningful manner?
  • How can e-commerce and consumption be ethical and sustainable, while remaining efficient?
  • What obstacles stand in the way of building sustainable online businesses?


Here's what the weekend will look like:

  • Take a look at our tracks and begin ideating what you want your solution and team to accomplish. You'll submit to one of the three tracks that best fit your project at the end of the weekend. If you're new to programming, you can submit to the low-code parallels instead.

  • Attend Opening Ceremony to hear our amazing keynote speaker and see what our sponsors have in store. We'll also be going over details you'll need to know for DubHacks.

  • The next 23 hours are for hacking, workshops, speakers, activities, and Reality! Keep an eye out for the schedule to find events you want to attend. We can't wait to see what you create.

  • All projects are due on Sunday morning on Devpost and will be judged by our mentors. Those who make it to the final round will present live over Zoom to be considered for our Track Winners.

  • Winners are announced at Closing Ceremony, come celebrate your achievements!

Have any questions? Check out

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Check out

Frequently Asked Questions
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