DubHacks 2018 was a success!

With 72 projects and nearly 600 participants from across the world, DubHacks 2018 was once again the largest hackathon in the Pacific Northwest, hosted at the University of Washington, Seattle on Oct 20-21. Thanks for joining us and making history.

Our Stats

At DubHacks, we value transparency and diversity, and believe both should be honestly discussed and strived for.

In that spirit, we made all of our application statistics from 2015-2018 available on a dedicated stats page.

We hope this may provide a better look at DubHacks and hackathons in general, as well as prompt similar openness across our hacker community.

View Our Stats Page

Meet the team behind DubHacks 2018

We promise, we don't bite. Find us on social media below if you have any questions!